Farm and Food, Bristol Rhode Island

DSCN2903Even though it’s still morning, I’m sweating my butt off. It alreadty feels like the hottest day of the year. I cover the windshield and open all the windows and hatches to let the most delicious breeze run rampant through the boat. The XO and I are barefoot and dressed in our boat togs: clothes probably too skimpy or too thin to be seen in by the general public. It’s not as bad as it sounds; I’m wearing short pajama bottoms and a well-worn cotton tee. Bathing suits are totally acceptable on a boat as well. Reluctantly we change into our go-ashores including those infernal shoes and socks. After tossing the bikes into Ol’ Salty we head off to check out The Coggeshall Farm Museum, a real working farm that is run just like they did in the 1790’s.

Farm women.

Hot farm women. Literally.

Typical period kitchen. Fireplace is always going. Wicked hot in there!

A typical period kitchen. The fireplace is always going. Wicked hot in there!

Root cellar.

Root cellar.

We have a nice conversation with a man making shingles using an interesting bench-like device. I was fascinated by the fact he was walking around barefoot over all the wood splinters. He had feet like Barney Rubble. For some reason he refuses to let me take any pictures. Unfortunately, it’s the most interesting thing going on. In fact, it’s so darn hot, it’s the only thing going on. Even the animals are hiding in the barn, sprawled out on the cool floor. I want to join them! We roam around for about an hour or so before heading off for a cool shower at the marina, and a hot lunch at Leo’s: a famous Italian restaurant downtown. Hopefully it has air conditioning.

I did an emergency repair of the XO's only pair of glasses.

I did an emergency repair of the XO’s only pair of glasses.

Leo’s restaurant is practically empty. Excellent. We timed our arrival perfectly for that slow period between lunch and dinner. Yes, the place is air-conditioned.

The whole place to ourselves.

Leo’s. We have the whole place to ourselves.

I love this place! I could subsist on the garlic bread alone. The lasagna is to die for, the chicken parm melts in your mouth, and the portions are so large the doggie bag will be another meal. I highly recommend Leo’s in downtown Bristol.

To die for.

To die for.

What a wonderful way to cap off our stay in Bristol Rhode Island. We’re comin’ back for sure. Cheers!DSCN2906

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