The Cruelest Month?

DSCN1854Jeez! It’s 30 degrees outside. I’ll have to dig out the wool hat and gloves for my morning walk. Probably the scarf too. Silly me for thinking I’d be putting the boat in this weekend. Oh woe is me. Whatever shall I do? Whine about the weather like a true New Englander. That’s what!
Screw it. I’m going to the marina anyway. I’ve got to touch up Ginger Lee’s hull. Thankfully she doesn’t need a full bottom paint job this year, (the paint is almost 200 bucks a gallon), but there are a few bare spots. If I get really excited, I may cut the shrink-wrap off her. Can it snow in late April? Will I be jinxing it? Like when you take down the storm windows and put up the screens ‘cuz it’s so warm, then the weather turns cold. Or when you buy a new generator and the power never goes out. This is the reason I haven’t put the snow shovels away yet.
So on a sunny and chilly morning, I drove to the marina in Fairhaven with a can of Trilux 33, a paint brush, and a bag of sacrificial zinc anodes. I figure if I can spiff up the barnacle ridden running gear I would be very pleased with myself.DSCN1850

STP doesn't work.




After touching up the hull, changing the oil on both engines, and cutting away the shrink-wrap, I proclaimed Ginger Lee ready to be commissioned for the 2015 season. If only the weather would cooperate.

The XO removes the shrink wrap.

The XO defeats the shrink-wrap.

A few days later, on a nice weekday afternoon, I was at the marina happily messin’ about the boat. From inside the cabin I could hear the familiar sound of the boat launching tractor backing out of the building. “Wow! It’s high tide. I bet they’re launching boats, maybe I should ask when they can put me in, ” I thought.
I approached co-owner Arion.
“Hey hey Rick! How’s it goin’ buddy?” he gushed, holding out his big calloused hand. I shook it firmly, ignoring the diesel dirt, my hands being equally grubby.
“Arion! Good to see you. Sorry about the marina,” I said sweeping my gaze out towards the floating slips which were damaged by the icy winter. He seemed to brush it off.
“We got a handle on it,” is all he said about the subject.
“So when can you put me in?” I asked, fully expecting to wait my turn; there was only one other boat floating.
“How ’bout right now?” he asked. “Too soon?” he added.
“Nope. I’m all set. Just waiting for you guys,” I answered with a huge smile.

John and Arion splashing Ginger Lee.

John and Arion splashing Ginger Lee.

And that was that. John and Arion went about the business of launching Ginger Lee. I put her in a slip where she will wait for the XO and I cruise her home to Wareham. Maybe April is not such a cruel month after all.

Ginger Lee waits to go home.

Ginger Lee waits to go home.


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