For early October, the weather couldn’t be better. Brilliant sunshine abounds. Not the heavy, hazy, humidity laden stuff we have in August, I’m talkin’ about the crystal clear, bone dry weather that only appears in Autumn. As an extra added bonus, it’s warm enough for shorts, so we bring ol’ Ginger Lee out to our neighboring harbor for possibly the last cruise of the 2016 season. I would be very surprised if we see another cruise-worthy weekend this year.

Mattapoisett has one of those harbors that sail-boaters just adore. One end is completely open to Buzzards bay, meaning the conditions are just right so that having a motor is optional. Sailors can take off and return to their mooring completely under sail. That’s the main reason why this place is littered with masts.

The sailing mecca of Mattapoisett

There is no breakwater, so it’s always a bit choppy, but not overly so. Ya just gotta deal with it. We rent a mooring from Mattapoisett Boat Yard, and after settling in, we dinghy to the Town Wharf for dinner.

Checking in with the Harbormaster.

When in Mattapoisett, we always dine at “The Inn”, one of our favorite restaurants. It used to be a wicked fancy, reservation only, dress up kind of place, but new owners turned into a lovely, casual, pub.

The Inn.


Mattapoisett is one of the best South Coast destinations for both power and sail boaters alike. I love it here.

2 thoughts on “Mattapoisett

  1. Like the sturdy shape of that little lighthouse in the first pic…
    I bet that that “speared” swordfish sign must serve as a kind of deterrent for other swordfishes to stay away… 🙂

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