We just picked up a mooring in Edgartown Harbor. There are plenty available, but we choose this particular one because of its beautiful view of the shoreline, and its excellent boat watching potential.

Boat watching.

The weather is really nice, as you can see, but the air temperature is probably in the mid to low sixties, and with a substantial wind blowing, it feels darn chilly. All the passing boaters are wearing jackets and sweatshirts. We’re going to need our heater tonight for sure. Tomorrow, however, is supposed to be much warmer, almost eighty degrees, so we plan to hit the town and see what’s shakin’. Meanwhile, the XO and I fritter away the afternoon, enjoying a bottle of cabernet and each others company.

The XO bundled up on the fore-deck.

MV sunset.

After breakfast, we load our bikes into Salty and find the dinghy dock. My bike has a flat tire, but as luck would have it, there’s a bike shop nearby, and they have the tube I need. I buy a couple and make the repair right on the sidewalk. Took all of ten minutes.

Bike shop.

The streets are crowded with people and cars. It’s hard to believe it’s a weekday. It seems the warm temperatures has brought everyone outdoors. It’s literally Summer’s last gasp. Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn.

Busy Edgartown scene.

In our travels, we happen upon a museum, and I’ll be darned, it’s actually open.

It’s open!

Martha’s Vineyard Museum is closed one day a week, and the last time we were here several years ago, was on that very day, so we missed out. Not so today! Being the museum loving geeks that we are, we’re wicked happy to find it open.

Cool piano.

I accidentally caught the XO’s image in the mirror.

Most, if not all of the shops in Edgartown are expensive. I suppose that’s what happens in a place where literally everything is shipped in. Food and fuel prices are astronomical. Booze prices too. I go into a wine shop and nearly choke on the cost of a bottle of wine. The cheapest one I can find is 30 bucks! Even the knick-knack huts are pricey.

Pricey knick-knack hut.

Despite the steep prices, I think it would be pretty cool to live on Martha’s Vineyard. I just get a good feeling when I’m here. It’s like every day is special.

Tomorrow, we plan to visit a unique part of Martha’s Vineyard. A place I’ve never been to: Chappaquiddick. I’m psyched!

Edgartown inner harbor.




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