It’s another nice summer morning in Hull Bay. Large fair weather clouds lazily drift across the sky, and flat seas are predicted for the next leg of our journey. How long can our good fortune continue? I have no idea, but to help keep it going, the XO and I knock on wood as we back Ginger Lee out of the slip, and say good-bye to the Sunset Bay Marina.

Todays course will take us through the Boston Harbor Islands. Specifically, we will leave Georges Island to port, head through “The Narrows” between Lovell and Gallops Islands, find the Boston North Channel, and ride that heading all the way to our destination: Marblehead, Massachusetts. scan0016Boston’s beautiful skyline beckons me. I love that port. I can’t believe we’re passing it by.
Ginger Lee, “Hey guys. Where ya goin’? Boston is the other way!”
Captain Rick, “Sorry ol’ girl. I want to go there too. But we decided to visit only new ports this trip. We talked about this. Remember?”

Passing Boston.

Passing Boston.

Ginger Lee reluctantly accepts her fate and passes through the edge of the Precautionary Area, where the large ships play.

Because we’re so close to a major city, the marine-band radio is alive with interesting chatter, and our AIS is picking up dozens of targets to check out. Technology helps pass the time. Here’s a tip: if you’re on a boat and the trip is kinda boring, it’s a good thing because it usually means smooth sailing.

A large freighter anchored in the Precautionary Area. From the radio, we gather that it's waiting for a pilot to guide it into the city, and the pilot boat is very late.

A large freighter anchored in the Precautionary Area. From the radio, we gather that it’s waiting for a pilot to guide it into the city, and the pilot-boat is very late.

Finally, after a couple of hours, Tinkers Island comes into view. Yay! We are very close. The XO, who has been driving for most of the trip, gives me the helm, studies the chart, and switches into navigator mode. With her guidance, I steer our boat around Marblehead Neck, and into the harbor itself.

Tinkers Island.

Tinkers Island.

There are many marinas lining Marblehead Harbor, not one has an available mooring. Fortunately, the Harbormaster has three, and for only 30 bucks a night, it’s a super bargain for this area.

The familiar and unusual light that guards the harbor.

The unusual light that guards the harbor.

No wonder we couldn't find the entrance channel

No wonder we can’t find the entrance channel.

dscn8440As soon as we enter the harbor, we both have the same reaction: WOW! The place sparkles with a heavenly glow. It’s so very near perfection, like a painting that comes alive, or a movie set when the director says “action.” But most of all, it’s one of those harbors that just feels good.dscn8892
img_20160722_135405466Our mooring is excellent! It’s near the showers, laundry, and dinghy dock. I also like that it’s adjacent to the main fairway and fuel dock where lots of stuff is happening. We have our binoculars at the ready!

Fuel and repair facility.

Fuel and repair facility, dinghy dock, restaurant.

As the sun fades, we fill our glasses with the last of our red wine, and grill chicken and summer squash, the last of our provisions. We will have to buy more, of course, but tomorrow’s another day. I can’t wait!

Marblehead sunset.

Marblehead sunset.


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