Florida Pictorial


Pelicans are everywhere.

Apalachicola scene.

More Apalachicola.

Cruising on a rainy day.

Docked at White City.  As you can see, the No Overnight Docking sign faces landward, away from the boats. I can only guess why.
Supervisor: “Take these here signs and install them down at the city dock.”
Gomer: “Yessiree boss. Don’t you worry, I’m gonna install ’em real good.”

Anchored at Shell Island, FL.

The XO making a sand alligator.

The finished product. All ready for the tide to wash it away.

Our Christmas tree. It’s living in an Ace Hardware bucket. We decorated it with shells from Shell Island.

As a Christmas present to ourselves, we spent three days at this hotel in Panama City Beach.

Christmas dinner.


Sunset somewhere.

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  1. Such beautiful pictures!!! Joe and I are enjoying looking at the photos and reading the commentary! Glad you two are well, and enjoying your amazing adventure!!,

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