The Heights of Canaveral

One of two space launches we saw from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The other one, from a private company called Spacex, was just after midnight. We set our alarm clock to watch it.

We visited the Explorer Tower. Billed as seven storeys of adventure.

View of Port Canaveral from the top.

Another view.

Cruise ships abound here.

Clowning around on an old launch console at the Space and Missile Museum.

We took our first helicopter ride. Jeez! It looks so small. No I am not wearing a fanny pack! They made us wear a flotation device in case we crash into the water.

Jeez! The pilot looks so young.

The helicopter dashboard.

Pre flight jitters?

Strapped in.

The flight was smoother than expected.

Flying over our marina.

Another view.

A huge cruise ship.

Notice the shoaling.

This is the note we left on our boat in case we died. P.S. We didn’t.

I want one!

Best coffee cup ever! SOCOBO 3/16/18

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