Our Life on a Boat.

We find ourselves on a boat on a year-long journey. “Remote from all the cares of the people of the land.”We float on our own private island, and remain responsible to keep it that way. Floating that is.
The first rule of boating: Keep the water out of the boat.

Floating in Tennessee.

If we pay diligent attention to our jobs as caretakers of Ginger Lee, she will take good care of us. That’s our hope anyway, but so far we are safe and comfortable.
Here’s a look inside Ginger Lee.

The couch in the living room (salon).

Wife on couch

The kitchen (galley).

The bathroom (head).

The bedroom (berth).

The back porch (aft-deck).

The driving station (helm), drop-down TV, pub height table and chairs.

Our life on the boat is sometimes frightening, sometimes exciting, sometimes boring, and sometimes calm and soothing.

Passing a tow.

Locking through somewhere. One of over a hundred locks.

Massive lock door.

A calm marina.

Serene anchorage.

Soothing lemon light.

We knock on wood often, and light candles for good luck. We try our best not to offend Neptune. It sounds silly but it calms our souls.

The lock luck candle. So far it has worked.  Knock on wood.

We travel from port to port at less than 8 MPH. It takes most of the day to go 40 miles. If we like a place, we stay awhile, if not, we leave in the morning.
There is no particular schedule or destination. That in itself is a luxury and a wonderful way to be. So we embrace this adventure as best we can, because after this trip is over, we may never be that way again. SOCOBO 11/24/17

Thanks for looking. See ya next time!


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  1. You are a Lucky Man. XO is a fortunate Woman. You both are lucky to have the luxury of Freedom. Enjoy it while you can. Evan

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