There Are No Words, Only Captions.

Five Looping boats in historic Paducah, Kentucky.  Left to right, Imagine Too, Ginger Lee, Miss Norma, Shangri- La and Samadhi. The brand new floating docks we are tied to can rise the height of those big 65 foot poles.  Sound incredible? There are water marks halfway up those poles, which means that sometime since they were built in the last 2 months, the water level was 20 feet higher!

After a couple of floods, the Army Corps of Engineers built a wall completely around Paducah. Murals are painted on the inside.

Close-up of a mural.


Quaint Paducah street scene.

Cumberland River scene. A truck loading a barge with rocks.

Close-up of the same scene.

As seen during a morning walk in Green Turtle Bay, Kentucky. This deer calmly watched me walk by. I was like 5 feet away.

Grand Harbor, Mississippi. A very nice marina. We used their courtesy car to get provisions at the nearby supermarket.

Anchored behind Wolf Island on the Tenn- Tom Waterway in Mississippi.

The dam in Columbus Mississippi. Those huge gates can be raised or lowered to control the water level.

Thanksgiving dinner in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. With (L-R) Lars Espensen, Alice (Sylvia Parker’s mom), Sylvia Parker, a neighbor, Susan Aprill, and George Hadjidakis.

Tenn-Tom Waterway scene.

White bluffs on the Tenn-Tom.

Tenn-Tom afternoon.

Baffled spillway on the Tenn-Tom Waterway.

Unknown bridge.

The first cotton field I’ve ever seen. Taken in Demopolis Alabama.

Underway on a beautiful Alabama morning. SOCOBO 12/1/17


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