Thursday, July 20 – Boat guest, with bonus view from the front deck

We started Thursday here, anchored on the Hudson, behind Stony Point, New York, right at the Kings Ferry, then cruised up just a few miles to Iona (“I own a”) Island, where the bald eagles live, right near Bear Mountain.

Blair came to visit.

The Captain enjoyed the conversation.

Severe thunderstorms threatened, but in the end, it only rained and we got an amazing rainbow.

This view from the front deck is the Blair Mountain Bridge, a bargain at $1.50.

Boat visitors

Rick took off in Salty the dinghy, went from the anchorage to the Upper Point Judith Pond, and came back with Pokey and Billy.

Billy swam, explored the boat, corrected me a few times and ate all of the Snickers.

Pokey played the banjo. We tried it out, and now guess who wants one…

Then the osprey came around.

I love boat visitors.